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Turn Off the TV and Start Moving

Suffern, N.Y. (PRWEB) July 17, 2014

Recent research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association finds that adults who watch TV three hours or more a day may double their risk of premature death from any cause. According to Dr. Sherrita Bhagan-Bruno, M.D., F.A.C.C. of ColumbiaDoctors of the Hudson Valley, sedentary behavior is an increasing trend. She recommends adults turn off the TV and start moving.

As we age, we lose muscle mass and strength. This process is accelerated in persons who are not physically active. Dr. Bhagan-Bruno advises her patients that physical activity keeps us healthier and living longer, while decreasing the risks of diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and dementia, to name a few. Dr. Bhagan-Bruno says, Any activity is better than none. It is also never too late to become physically active (even at the age of 85). The more active you are, the greater the benefit.

Dr. Bhagan-Bruno says its not necessary to get a stress test before beginning an exercise program, although stress testing may be recommended if you have been sedentary and want to begin a rigorous exercise program. Having said that, she advises it is always better to start an exercise program gradually and intensify as your body adapts to the new demands.

Dr. Bhagan-Bruno offers the following guidelines for a physical activity program. Exercise can be broken down into: 1) aerobic activity, 2) muscle strengthening, 3) flexibility, and 4) balance.


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A Dream Team in Diabetes Research Made Possible by Fraternal Order Of Eagles (FOE)

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 17, 2014

One significant ray of hope for the millions suffering from the global pandemic of diabetes is coming from Americas heartland. Over the last two years, a dream team of diverse and talented scientists has been assembled at the University of Iowas Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center (FOEDRC) in collaboration to find new keys to preventing and curing this devastating disease.

The community service organization Fraternal Order of Eagles (FOE) presented a $ 6 million donation to the University of Iowa at its national convention on Sunday, July 13, in Orlando, FL. The check fulfills a $ 25 million commitment made in 2008. Founded in 1898, the Eagles fund research in areas such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and cancer, and raise money for neglected and abused children and the aged, as well as work for social and civic change.

E. Dale Abel, MBBS, DPhil (MD, PhD) and FOEDRC Director, believes the institution is uniquely positioned to make significant advances within the next decade. The fact that we have tremendous resources that came about because of the support of the Fraternal Order of Eagles has created the opportunity for our scientists to be as creative as possible, explains Dr. Abel. We are able to invest our time and efforts in important experiments which initially might be very difficult to get funding from more traditional sources. Just like in the stock market, sometimes you have to take a bit of a risk to get a high reward.

Here are just a few examples of some of the promising research currently ongoing at the FOEDRC and that will be housed in the soon to be opened state of the art FOEDRC research facility at the University of Iowa:

Helping people with diabetes increase their metabolism to burn off fat and lose weight can lead to improvement in their diabetes control. Dr. Chris Adams has identified some new compounds and drugs from natural products such as apple peels that can increase muscle metabolism.

Dr. Vitor Lira is also working on muscle metabolism and is studying how muscle responds to exercise in ways that prevent certain diabetic complications in the heart. His research aims to come up with new ways to prevent heart muscle damage even in people who are not able to exercise very well.

One of the major problems in diabetes is that the liver overproduces glucose. Dr. Eric Taylor is studying how the liver makes glucose and has identified a new protein that actually regulates this process. The ability to block that protein represents a new treatment for reducing blood sugar in people with diabetes.

People with diabetes have worse cholesterol levels and fats in the blood and is one of the reasons why they have more heart attacks. Dr. Brandon Davies studies the way that abnormal fats and cholesterol enter the blood stream. Based on his work, we may have new ways to lower fat accumulation that causes many of the complications of diabetes.

Dr. Matthew Potthoff is studying a new hormone called FGF-21, which may be more potent than insulin in terms of improving blood glucose and metabolism. It is very likely that this will ultimately become a new and important treatment for diabetes.

Dr Julien Sebag has figured out a new pathway in the brain that regulates appetite. He is also coming up with designer drugs targeting specific parts of the brain to reduce appetite without side effects affecting mood and energy. His work may lead to new and safer treatments to promote weight loss, a key to treating and preventing diabetes.

Dr. Ling Yang studies how diabetes causes liver damage. It turns out that the increase in diabetes in the world is causing a corresponding increase in liver damage and liver cancer. She is figuring out why that happens and how we can take preventive measures.

Dr. James Ankrum is a bioengineer who has designed microscopic nano particles capable of delivering drugs to beta cells that can be transplanted into the body without rejection by the immune system. These cells can then restore pancreatic function for longer periods of time than what is currently possible. Dr. Ankrum is also well known for inventing a painless hypodermic needle inspired by the structure of porcupine quills.

Dr Abels own group is studying why people with diabetes are at greater risk for heart failure. They are investigating why high levels of insulin in people with insulin resistance might be damaging to the heart, exploring how to reduce that damage but at the same time maintaining peoples diabetes control.

Other groups in the FOEDRC working across the University of Iowa campus are studying new treatments to prevent diabetic nerve damage, new ways to detect early diabetic eye disease, better ways to treat and prevent high blood pressure in diabetics and testing new pumps and sensors for kids and adults with Type 1 diabetes that can automatically measure blood sugar levels and adjust insulin doses 24 hours per day.

For more information, visit and

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Making the Most out of Your Cashback Cards

Nowadays, a enormous tendency in credit cards is obtaining cash-back or rewards for your purchases. A lot of people rely on credit cards to make daily buys, large purchases, and even pay statements. Getting something back for your spending makes a lot of sense, and is one cause why some folks have credit cards at all.
Although cash back credit cards may be a great benefit, they’ren’t consistently a good financial choice. Annual fees, interest rates, and rules and stipulations may all make a cashback card expense you additional money in the long run. Luckily, if you follow some common principles, you should have the ability to discover a great cash back card that may raise your gains rather than take them away. The guidelines below are recorded by the team of our partner’s business site,
Eventually, you will desire to take a look at the regulations that come together with the cash-back card. For instance, some cards may simply provide cashback if you shop at certain stores, or for specific things for example gas. Should you not use these shops, or do not purchase petrol with a card, you won’t get many compensations, and thus an alternate card will likely be a better choice for you. Moreover, some cards may have conditions that restrict the quantity of cash-back you are able to get each yr, or is only going to let you take your benefit after a specific amount. If your card just lets 0 in cash-back per yr, and you invest much over that, your buys are being squandered. If your card will simply enable you to take once you reach , and you never get that large, or the wages are re-set each year, you could miss out on what you’ve got. Consistently read the fine-print before submitting an application for a card.
First, when hunting for a cash-back card, it is necessary to look at the annual fee. Several cards charge an annual fee merely for being a member. This payment may range anywhere from to 5. Many individuals do not think much of this fee because it’s just once a year, and they are more used by the publicized rewards. Yet, many credit cards simply offer 1-2% cashback on purchases, although some may supply to 5%. According to how much you spend, you might simply get in annually, making that money annual charge maybe not worthwhile. However, if you’re a big-spender and plan on getting straight back a greater amount of cashback, the yearly payment might not matter a lot to you. Luckily, there are many cards available without yearly payment whatsoever, the so-called 0% apr credit cards.
Likewise, rates of interest are another factor which you should contemplate closely. As a way to generate income, credit cards have a specific interest rate that is calculated into your monthly payment. The higher your balance, the more curiosity you pay each month. Individuals with the best credit scores often times obtain the lowest rates of interest. Many cashback cards come with greater rates of interest, as a way to cancel the price of offering cash back. If the card is going to set you back more in curiosity than you’ll earn in cash-back, it’s not worth applying for. Only like with yearly charges, there are low interest cash back cards accessible if you are doing your research.

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